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Islamic Azad university in the newest ranking of Thomson Reuters Institute in four branches

According to Iscanews, the newest report has been submitted on rankings of higher universities in the world in 2016 in the Institute of Essential science Indicators, ESI a subcategory of Thomson Reuters institute, IsI and it has been distributed in 22 scientific branches.

In this ranking, Islamic Azad Universityhas acquired the first rank in four Engineering,chemistry,materials science,and Mathematics branches, among country universities and has acquired the second rankin computer branch .

Islamic Azad university has also allocated the 76th rank in the world to itself.

The information of underlined table ,show the place of Islamic Azad University among the country universities and the higher universities in the world in five engineering science,chemistry,materials,mathematics and computer branches.

Islamic azad university’s rank in Iran Islamic azad university’s rank in the world The total number of institutes in specific branch The first rank institute Specific branch in ESI row
1 76 1244 CNRS engineering 1
1 173 1121 Chinese AcadSci chemistry 2
1 196 751 Chinese AcadSci Materials science 3
1 131 233 CNRS mathematics 4
2 219 385 UnivCalif System computer 5

  1. 1.PHD

List of universities based on education levels:

Computer Engineering - Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Mechanical Engineering - Design of Solids

Mechanical Engineering Energy Conversion

Electrical Power Engineering

Industrial Engineering - Operations Research and Systems Engineering

Computer Science - Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Applied Mathematics - Operations Research orientation

Applied Mathematics - Trends Numerical Analysis

Mathematics - Analysis

Chemistry - Organic chemistry

Biology - Microbiology

Geology - Petrology


Criminal law and criminology


Irrigation and Drainage

Proliferation and aquaculture

Forest Engineering

Forest Sciences

Environment - Biodiversity

The environment pollution


  1. 2.Master Degrees   MA

Computer Engineering Software

Computer Engineering - Artificial Intelligence

Information Technology - Computer Networks

Information Technology - e-commerce

Computer Engineering Computer Networks

Computer Engineering - Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Electrical Power Engineering

electrical control engineering

Electrical Engineering - Electronics

Electrical Engineering - Digital Electronic Systems

Electrical Engineering - Electronic integrated circuits

Electrical Engineering - Micro and Nano Electric Afrazeh

Electrical Engineering - Electronic integrated circuits

Electrical engineering, power electronics and electrical machinery

Mechanical engineering – Applied design

Mechanical Engineering - Energy Conversion

Mechatronics Engineering - Automation and control of production

Mechatronics Engineering - Robot Design

Mechatronics Engineering - human peripheral connection, machinery, computer

Civil Engineering - Water Engineering hydraulic structures

Civil Engineering - Engineering and Water Resources Management

Mining - Mining

Engineering Petroleum - Exploration

Engineering nuclear engineering sampling of Radiation Medicine

Engineering - Engineering

Engineering - Optimized Systems

Financial Engineering

Architectural Engineering

Architectural technology

Architecture technology - bionic architecture

Architecture technology - digital architecture

Interior Architecture

Criminal Law and Criminology

Private law and jurisprudence

Knowing the thoughts of Imam Khomeini (RA)

Jurisprudence fundamentals of Islamic law

Islamic mysticism

Executive Management

Management of technology - industrial development strategies

IT Management - IRM

Information technology management, electronic business

Business Administration - E-commerce

Business Administration - Financial Management

Industrial management - operations research

- Industrial Management – production and operations

Economical science


Financial Management

Clinical Psychology

sport psychology

teaching English

Persian Language and Literature

Applied Mathematics - Operations Research

Applied Mathematics - Numerical Analysis

Applied Mathematics Mathematical Physics

Pure mathematics - analysis

Mathematics - Financial Mathematics

Math Learning

Computer Science

Chemistry - Chemical Analysis

Chemistry - Chemical Physics

Chemistry - Organic Chemistry

Chemistry - Chemical and oil technology

Nano Physics

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - Nano


Chemistry of Economic Geology


Geology - Environmental

Geological - tectonic

Biology - Microbiology

Biology - Cell and Molecular

Biology - Animal Sciences

Biology - Biochemistry

Marine biotechnology.

Biology sea marine pollution

Marine biology - sea animals

Agriculture - Agriculture

Agricultural Engineering - Agroecology

Agriculture - Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural engineering, agricultural meteorology

Science and Food Engineering - Food Technology

Science and Food Engineering - Food Industry

Science and Food Engineering - Food science

Food science and engineering industries - biotech foods

Environmental engineering - Environmental pollution

Environmental Engineering - assessment and land use

Engineering habitats and biodiversity of the environment

Natural Resources Engineering proliferation and aquaculture

Natural Resources Engineering processing of fishery products

Engineering Natural Resources - Fisheries aquatic ecology

Engineering Natural Resources - Forestry grove farming

Natural resources engineering silviculture and forest ecology

Natural Resources Engineering Forest Engineering

Forestry Natural Resources Engineering

  1. 3.No entrance examination

Continuous Bachelor:

Biomedical Engineering - bioelectric

Medical engineering, biomechanics

Biomedical Engineering - Biomaterials

Medical Radiation Engineering

nuclear engineering

Engineering Optics and Lasers

Robotics Engineering

Computer Engineering Software

Mechanical Engineering

Architectural Engineering

Civil Engineering

electrical engineering

chemical engineering

Industrial Engineering

Sports Engineering

Mining Engineering

Materials Engineering and Metallurgy - Metallurgy Engineering

Environmental Engineering Sciences Engineering Sciences

Engineering Science - Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Science - Computational Engineering Science

Computer Science

Water Science and Engineering

Interior design



Marketing Management

Industrial Management

Financial Management

Accounting – Auditing

Sport Sciences Humanities tendency Sports

Theology Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic law


Iranian musicians


Visual communication - visual communication

Industrial Design

Chemistry - soon

Chemistry - Applied

Chemical orientation of Medicinal Chemistry


Biology marine environment

The cellular and molecular biology - biotechnology.

Green environment engineering

Agriculture Engineering - Crop

Agriculture Engineering - Medical plant

Food Science and Engineering

Fisheries Natural Resources Engineering

Natural Resources Engineering Environment

Natural Resources and Forestry Engineering

Rangeland and Watershed Natural Resources Engineering

Mathematics and Applications

Statistics and Applications

English Translation

French language literary branch

Cell biology and molecular-Microbiology (part-time)


Discontinuous master:

Visual Arts - Painting

Applied Science visual communication

Applied Science Graphics, Graphics

Executive engineer civil

Electronics Technology Engineering

Transmission and distribution Electrical Engineering Technology

Control Instrumentation Engineering Technology

Telecommunications Engineering Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology - Power

Engineering mapping technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology Vehicle

Computer software engineering technology

Engineering Systems Technology Computer Hardware

Civil Engineering Technology - Water and Wastewater

Power Plant Engineering Technology Exploitation

ICT Engineering Technology (ICT) - network systems

Engineering Natural Resources - Environment

Engineering Natural Resources - Forestry


Food Science Engineering Industries

Scientific Application Architecture

teaching English

Mathematics education

Religious education and Arabic

Primary education

Applied Science Accounting

Science education

discontinuous Associate:

Visual Arts - Painting

Visual Arts - Graphic

Applied Science and Technology of production and processing tea


Electronic Electrical technician

Physical Education – Coaching

Technicians Engineering surveying (geodesy))

Scientific Software computer


Food Technology

Fisheries technology

Environmental technology

Forestry technology

Teacher training, learning math

Teacher training, science education

Teacher training, Persian Language and Literature

Teacher training, primary education

Teacher training, religious education and Arabic

Continuous Associate:

Applied Science Accounting


Farming and horticulture - horticultural production technology

Farming and horticulture - crop production technology

Electronics - General electronics

Computer software Computer

Administrative Affairs

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Download       graduate degree in Islamic Azad University of Lahijan

Download       the list of no entrance examination fields in Islamic Azad University of Lahijan

                                             In the name of the Almighty


If scientific productions of Islamic Azad University (IAU) are disregarded, to what level will the scientific rank of Iran reduce to?    



Today, IAU has been largely improving to turn into a research and scientific information center. Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, chairman of the board of founders and trustees of IAU, emphasized that today IAU has largely improved to turn into a research and scientific information center.

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani in an interview with IAU public relations news reporter, regarding expansion of higher education in our country under the presidency of Dr. Mirzadeh, said: “expansion of higher education is one of the objectives of the general policies of IAU and in 5-year programs of university it was supposed to reduce the heavy burden of university by improving quality in higher education.

He added: this decision was made after a reduction in the number of universities and students at BA level. Because of this, it was a decision at the right moment. At present, university is moving towards expansion of higher education and research.

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, while stating that IAU today in stepping towards expanding knowledge-based companies said: This is a public service to the country because the general policy of the country in a 20-year perspective plan has been defined as knowledge-expansion and knowledge-based, and in this respect IAU can be a pioneer.

Chairman of the board of founders and trustees of IAU added: “this university has good and successful samples of knowledge-based companies throughout the world and its programs are progressing fast”.

He, while stating that what is defined as “Resistance Economy” is being realized in IAU, made it clear that “resistance economy means inner-generated and extrapolative economy”. Inner-generating, at present, exists at IAU and for extrapolation to be realized, we should be able to cooperate with the world.

He said: “today if IAU wants to be active in every corner of the world, valid universities all over the world are interested to cooperate so that IAU today, after Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), entered “Nuclear Fusion” field (the best field in technology not yet completely accessible) and is Iran’s representative in this field.

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, while stating that Plusma and Nuclear Fusion are the two highly advanced and needed fields in our country, said “Fortunately, IAU has entered these fields”. At present, we are thinking of expanding Nano field and its role in knowledge-based companies of IAU. Chairman of the board of founders and trustees of IAU emphasized that today IAU has been largely improving to turn into a research and scientific information center.

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, regarding his trip to Kerman said: “in this trip, a lot of time was spent on “water issue”, “civil foundations”, “tourist issues” and “resistance economy”.

Referring to the holding of coordinating sessions for States issues, he said in this session with the presence of States managers and presidents of universities, everyone could express their expectations from the university.

Chairman of the board of founders and trustees of IAU, referring to his visit to Bahraman Branch along with Dr Mirzadeh, stated that this branch is a small IAU branch which has been built by a “charitable person”, and in this trip, we decided to improve it from several respects because it is predicted that in future a higher number of native students will get educated in this branch. While referring to Dr Miezadeh and his visit to Rafsanjan Branch, he emphasized that a mosque and a library are being built there, which are the two appreciated tasks being undertaken and that their building process has been moving forward successfully.

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, at the end, referring to his visit to Rafsanjan museum said: In this museum, a huge capital from him related to the period of struggle, presence in parliament, Presidency, National Exigency Council was provided which indicate history.