Islamic Azad university in the newest ranking of Thomson Reuters Institute in four branches

According to Iscanews, the newest report has been submitted on rankings of higher universities in the world in 2016 in the Institute of Essential science Indicators, ESI a subcategory of Thomson Reuters institute, IsI and it has been distributed in 22 scientific branches.

In this ranking, Islamic Azad Universityhas acquired the first rank in four Engineering,chemistry,materials science,and Mathematics branches, among country universities and has acquired the second rankin computer branch .

Islamic Azad university has also allocated the 76th rank in the world to itself.

The information of underlined table ,show the place of Islamic Azad University among the country universities and the higher universities in the world in five engineering science,chemistry,materials,mathematics and computer branches.

Islamic azad university’s rank in Iran Islamic azad university’s rank in the world The total number of institutes in specific branch The first rank institute Specific branch in ESI row
1 76 1244 CNRS engineering 1
1 173 1121 Chinese AcadSci chemistry 2
1 196 751 Chinese AcadSci Materials science 3
1 131 233 CNRS mathematics 4
2 219 385 UnivCalif System computer 5