Agricultural Engineering Group – Cultivation and Plant Breeding

Faculty of Agriculture – Islamic Azad University of Lahijan Branch

Faculty of Agriculture

    This faculty was established in 1389 and it presently has four majors in Bachelor’s degree and one major in master’s degree. The majors are as follows:

Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering – Food Science

Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering – Cultivation and Plant Breeding

Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering – Water

Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering – Medical Plant

Master of Cultivation and Plant Breeding

In this Faculty, nearly 350 and 110 students are studying in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees respectively.

Agricultural Engineering – Cultivation and Plant Breeding

     This educational group was established in 1369 and admitted 180 students. At present, 100 students are studying in this major. This group has admitted students in Master’s degree since 1389 and presently 110 students are studying in this degree. This department has six full-time faculty members. It has three labs and is equipped with appropriate equipment for agricultural research and student theses and also has an agricultural center in Katoshal region in Lahijan that involves four acres of land equipped with two greenhouses in the approximate area of 1200 square meters.

     The members of this department have considerable activities in research projects and have carried out 65 research projects until 1392 and up to now 100 articles of this department have been published in valid ISI journals and in scientific and research journals. The center of agricultural research of this college is the only agricultural center in the northern part of country and is ready to do research activities and field and greenhouse breeding.

 Agricultural Engineering – Water

     This major was established in 1387 and has four full-time faculty members. Out of these four members, one is Associate Professor, two are Assistant Professors, and one is doctoral scholarship. The major of agricultural engineering – water in Master’s degree is under review and follow up and will admit students in Master’s degree in the near future.

Agricultural Engineering – Medical Plant 

     This major was established in B.A. degree in 1389. It has two full-time faculty members. With respect to the fact that this is a new major in agricultural faculty, it is attempted to establish M.A. degree in medical plant major in the near future.

Agricultural Engineering – Tea Technology

     This department admitted students in Bahman 1392 and 20 students who are often the employees of Tea Office are studying in this department. With respect to the planning that has been done, it is expected that up to Mehr 1394 Processed Tea major is established in non-continuous B.A. degree. Both staffs and those who are interested in tea can study in this major.         

Lab Facilities of Agricultural Faculty

 Agricultural faculty has four labs. They are as follows:

  1. Cultivation Lab: This lab is equipped with specialized devices and is one of the well-equipped labs at the Islamic Azad University. Seed analysis (viability, purity percentage, and speed of growth) by using (growth chamber and drying room), measurement of leaf area, the percentage of moisture, tests of metals (sodium and potassium, etc) by titration and germinator test are done in this lab.
  2. Horticultural Science Lab: It involves extraction of plant tissue, measurement of leaf chlorophyll, the essential oil extraction of plant tissue, and the measurement of carotenoids with spectrophetometric equipment.
  3. Medical Plant Lab: It involves the recognition lab of plant pathogens (mushrooms and bacteria) and the recognition lab of plant pest through identifying morphometric sample.
  4. Water lab: It involves measurement lab of soil penetrable parameters, soil hydrolic conductivity, soil moisture, wilting point, plant suction, and water Debbie, etc.

Food Sciences and Engineering

     Food sciences and engineering are a set of sciences and technologies that investigate the collection, conversion, completion, and transportation of food products. The aim of establishing this major is to train experts who can maintain the food security, satisfy consumer diversity, and compete in the national exports market based on their practical and scientific knowledge. Group of food industry engineering has faculty members (two Assistant Professors who have Ph.D. degree in food science – three lecturers who are finishing their Ph.D. degree) and an equipped lab (microbial control and chemical control of food stuffs).

     It admits students in three degrees called continuous B.A, non-continuous B.A, and Associate of Arts since 1384. Presently, 300 students in the mentioned degrees are studying in this major. Graduates of this major can work in different industries such as dairy, meat, corn, oil, drinks, packing, compote, and conserve as the lab manager, quality control manager, production manager, technical assistant and can also work in development and research centers as the experts and chief inspectors in governmental centers of hygienic and quality control of food products or as the instructors in educational centers.