The History of Technology and Engineering Faculty:

     Engineering and technology faculty is one of the biggest and most outstanding faculties at the Islamic Azad University of Lahijan branch. Nearly 4000 students are studying in different majors and fields of technology and engineering from Associate degree to Ph.D. degree. This college has 60 full time faculty members with the scientific rankings of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, and lecturer and this shows the capabilities of professors in scientific and research matters.

      The existence of 40 sites, laboratory, specialized workshop and Atelier, and a library that is equipped with specialized Latin and Persian books have provided a suitable environment for conducting research in scientific and research matters for students in M.A. and B.A. degrees. Since knowing the different fields of and engineering and technology faculty can help students choose the appropriate courses, the present majors of engineering and technology faculty are separately introduced.

Electrical Engineering:

Electrical Engineering major was established in electronics major in 1371 and it presently has four majors in Electronic, Power, Telecommunication, and Control in Bachelor’s degree and one major in Master’s degree (Electricity Power). This group has experienced professors like Dr. Tavakoli, Dr. Mirhoseinimoghadam, Dr. Sahab, Dr.Ghadir, Dr. Alizadeh, Dr. Mehdinia, Dr. Niroee, Dr. Azadbar, Dr. Fallakazemi, Dr. Ahmadpour, Dr. Rostami, Mr. Ebrahimian, Mr. Abazari, Mr. Soroosh, Mr. Gholami, Mr.Yousfi, and Mr. Ahadpour. With the efforts of these experienced professors, nearly 20 to 30 percent of graduated students of this major are accepted in higher degrees in State and Azad valid universities. Presently, 1500 students are studying in different majors of continuous and non- continuous bachelor in Electricity major and since 1376 almost 3111 students have been graduated in Bachelors degree. Technology and Engineering College had a significant impact on promoting the research level through holding the first regional conference in Electricity major in 1382. Electricity major consists of eight specialized labs and a specialized site and it is as follows:

Circuit and electronic lab (1), logical circuit and computer architecture lab, pulse technique and electronic lab (2), telecommunication circuit and electronic lab (3) Microprocessor lab , machine lab and the investigation lab of power and industrial electronic systems. Electrical Engineering group has two heads of department and five experts for doing educational affairs and guiding students. This university has also a research center called Professor Hesabi robotics center that activates in the field of robotics.

Computer Engineering:

Computer engineering major was established at the Islamic Azad University of Lahijan branch since 1370 and it presently has three degrees in B.A, non – continuous bachelor, and Associate degree. This major has 19 faculty members who have an important role in promoting the scientific level of students. In addition, access to education has been provided for students in M.A. degree in software and artificial intelligence. This group has six sites and there are 20 computers in each site. There is also one internet site with modern facilities for students and professors. In order to create more facilities for students in engineering and technology faculty, wireless internet has been also provided for them.

 Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering major was established in 1382 and it presently has four degrees called Civil Engineering - Civil, Civil Engineering – water. Surveying Engineering (non-continuous) and Civil Engineering (Non-continuous Civil Technology) and the new major called Civil Engineering (Performance of Construction in non – continuous degree). With continuous efforts, Civil –Water major in Master’s degree has been approved by the development council of the fields of Ministry of Science and from the year 1392, many students have been accepted in this major.

This group has experienced professors such as Mr. Ojaghzadeh, Ebrahimnejad, Jamasbi, Mortazavi, Dr. Mardokhpour, Ms.Rezania and all are the faculty members of this group. This group has 14 part-time professors in different fields. The number of specialized lab in Civil major is seven and from the year 1390 up to now, nearly 100 students have been graduated in different degrees. Presently, this group has 730 students in different degrees. It is necessary to familiarize those who are graduated from Civil courses with their future jobs:

1. Civil Engineering – Water (Bachelor of Civil Engineering – Water): Graduates can work in making building, residential projects, water projects, and dam projects.

2. Civil Engineering (non –continuous): Graduates can work in making building and residential projects.

3. Surveying Civil Engineering (non –continuous): Graduates can work in surveying – topographical harvest, road construction and dam construction. Civil group has seven labs. They are strength of materials lab, fluid mechanics lab, hydraulics lab, concrete technology lab, and cartography operation workshop in mapping.

  Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering major is one of the most popular and the youngest engineering majors in the Technology Faculty of the Islamic Azad University of Lahijan Branch that started its activity through the first entrance in bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in the field of solid modeling.

This group has experienced professors such as Dr. Fakhraee, Dr. Rezapour, Dr. Sedaghat, Dr.Gholami, Dr. Borji, and Mr. Soleimani. The mentioned professors have had a significant effect on increasing the scientific level of this group and activating the specialized labs. Holding the first regional conference on Mechanical Engineering in 1390 had a considerable effect on introducing this group in the region and country. This group admits students in both Bachelor’s and non – continuous Bachelor’s degrees. This group is one of the strongest groups of Technology Faculty due to high scientific capacity in professors and students and also publishing the ISI papers. Mechanics group has eight labs. They are fluid mechanics labs, materials strength lab, laboratory of heat transfer, thermodynamics lab, dynamics and vibration lab, materials science lab, machine tools workshop, and auto-electronics workshop. This group has one head of department and one expert and 55 students have been graduated in different degrees and it has presently 700 students.

  Mining Engineering

      Engineering major is one of the oldest approved majors of engineering and technology faculty and since 1372 it is training interested students. The presence of specialized faculty members has had a profound impact on the promotion of the scientific level of students of this major. Presently, Lahijan University admits students in B.A. degree in mining exploitation and discovery fields and it has also provided facilities for students to continue their education in M.A. degree in exploitation major. This department has five specialized labs called ore arrangement, mineralography, lithology, optical mineralogy, and tectonics.