Faculty of Math Science of Lahijan Islamic Azad University

      The faculty of math science was officially approved regarding the available potential of Lahijan Islamic Azad University while applied math department and Lahijan Islamic Azad University were established in 1367 simultaneously. This faculty presently has six majors in B.A., seven majors in M.A., and one major in Ph.D. approved by the Ministry of Science. It should be mentioned that this faculty could gain the approval of two new interdisciplinary majors in M.A. degree called Financial Engineering and Information Technology Management in Electronic Business. The two mentioned majors are the combination of math and applications, computer, industries, accounting, and management majors.

The Hardware and Software Facilities of This College

     Faculty of math science has presently 18 full-time faculty members involving one professor, two Associate Professors, eight Assistant Professors, and seven Ph.D. students in different fields of math science. Faculty of math science has two journals called Journal of Operational Research and Its Applications. This journal has the research and scientific ranking of the Ministry of Science. The second journal is called International Journal of Applied Operational Research. This journal has the research and scientific ranking of Lahijan Islamic Azad University. This faculty has a conference hall for holding defense sessions of M.A. and Ph.D. students with complete equipment. It has a math lab with complete equipment for using in M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. It has also classes equipped with video projector and the other educational aids.

Computer Science in B.A. and M.A. Degrees

     Computer science is a link between computer and math knowledge and its most important aim is to achieve the best available algorithms in the least time and with the most accuracy. The graduates of this period can play a significant role in solving the research-scientific, industrial, social, and economic issues. The job profession of computer science graduates is very similar to the computer software engineering. But the role of the graduates of this major as the managers and coordinators is generally very important. This faculty is going to approve this major in Ph.D. degree and this would be achieved in the near future. Of course, the priority of this faculty in admitting students in Ph.D. degree is the graduates of this university.N

Applied Math-M.A. and Ph.D. Degrees

     The aim of this period is to train persons who can master in one of the branches of applied math and achieve practical and scientific skills through familiarity with the advanced research methods so that they can educate in different branches in B.A. periods. Lahijan Islamic Azad University presently admits students in M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in applied math in two fields called Operational Research and Numerical Analysis through entrance examination. Now nearly 60 students are studying in Ph.D. degree in this college.

 Applied Math and Numerical Analysis - M.A. Degree

     Numerical analysis is a branch of math that deals with producing, analyzing, and performing algorithms for solving numerical problems of continuous math. It is an interdisciplinary major that has numerous advantages in many majors like Civil, Electricity, Photonics, Geophysics, Earthquake, IT, and GIS. Other than teaching at universities and higher educational institutes, graduates of this period can work in most of the research and industrial centers such as oil, petrochemical, transportation, and the design of advanced industrial tools.

 Financial Math – M.A. Degree

     Financial math which is similar to the sciences like math, statistics, economy, computer science, and even physics is increasingly advancing. This major has a close connection with financial economic majors. Graduates of this major can work in analyzing and calculating financial models in financial institutes such as bank, insurance, mercantile exchange and securities, and credit and financial institutes. It should be noted that this college is going to approve this major in Ph.D. degree and this aim would be achieved in the near future. It is clearly evident that the priority of this college in admitting students in Ph.D. degree is the graduates of this university.

 Financial Engineering – M.A. Degree

     Financial engineering is an interdisciplinary branch that depends on calculations, financial math, numerical methods, and computer simulation and decisions are taken for transactions and investments and it also reduces the risk of management of these decisions. Other than the financial institutions, graduates of this major can work as the pricing experts in mercantile exchange and financial evaluation of economic projects.

 Information Technology Management – Electronic Business Field – M.A. Degree

     It can be generally stated that electronic business applies all of the information systems for reinforcing and controlling business process. Today these processes are developed through web-based technology. We can divide the labor market of electronic business field into three branches called domestic business systems, organizational co-operations and communications, electronic business such as institute to institute and institute to customer.

 Pure Math – Analysis Field – M.A. Degree

     This major is one the subdivisions of math science that carefully analyzes the contiguous structures of math. The aim of this major is to train top experts for evolving math knowledge and continuing education in order to provide the faculty members of universities and higher educational institutes.

  Engineering Science – B.A. Degree

     Faculty of math science of Lahijan Islamic Azad University has engineering science major in three fields called engineering math, biological engineering science, and computational engineering science that admit students without entrance examination.

 Engineering Science – Engineering Math Field

     This interdisciplinary field has been established with the aim of providing opportunities for studying applied and pure math, statistics, physics, and engineering.

  Engineering Science – Biological Engineering Science Field

     This is an interdisciplinary major that needs to have physical, chemical, and biological principles with engineering analysis for protecting environment and its restoration.

 Engineering Science –Computational Engineering Science Field

     This interdisciplinary field identifies the importance of computational growth for solving engineering and scientific complicated problems. The design of this major was done based on this view that through combining math models and experimental observations with scientific computations, engineers will be able to solve those problems that seem to be insoluble.

 Statistics and Applications – B.A. Degree

     The major of statistics and applications is based on math for collecting data, analyzing and providing quantitative information. Statisticians often use the knowledge of statistical methods in different scenes like biology, economy, engineering, medical profession, public health, psychology, marketing, education, and sports. Graduates of this major can work in hygienic, agricultural, and commercial sections.