Independent and Medical Science Groups of Lahijan Islamic Azad University

Independent Groups of Islamic Azad University of Lahijan Branch

Independent and Medical Science Groups of Lahijan Islamic Azad University

     Health is one the most important God’s blessings and is one of the most basic needs and indicators of development in today’s societies. Health is the basic human right and the effort to provide it for human beings has expanded relevant majors in health sciences. Nursing major with a long history of care services as one of the university majors has had great advancements accompanying with the complexity of the needs of human beings and the development of science and technology.

     Due to the needs of specialized nursing services, this major has been developed both in terms of content and degrees. The basic competencies of nursing involve professional knowledge, skill, clinical decision-making, problem solving, and communication that materialize the social accountability with the help of modern educational approaches so that it can introduce the graduates who have these competencies in order to take steps toward ensuring the health of their society.


     Nursing major is a branch of healthy sciences that introduces healthcare based on knowledge and the necessary professional capabilities in line with providing protection and promotion of individuals, family, and society in spiritual, social, mental, and physical dimensions from preventing to rehabilitation. Nursing major of Lahijan Islamic Azad University was established in 1372 and it presently has 456 students. So far, 1058 students have been graduated from this university in B.A. degree. Nursing group has 10 experienced faculty members in specialized nursing majors.

     The educational building of nursing department is located in medical science building opposite the university basic gate, end of Hazine Lahiji street that has educational classes equipped with video projectors, conference hall, computer site, a library equipped with digital system, and a separate study hall for sisters and brothers.

     This building has the centers of clinical skills including three units: 1. clinical skills unit, 2. specific unit skill lab, and 3. clinical examination unit full of complete educational equipment and kinds of electronic and advanced educational models for practical and specialized lessons of nursing major. Basic practical lessons like bacteriology, biochemistry, parasitology, and physiology are held in labs located in the main building of Lahijan Islamic Azad University by the faculty members of basic science faculty. Students’ clinical lessons are planned in the hospitals affiliated with Guilan medical science university such as 22 Aban in Lahijan, Seyedoshohadah in Bazkiagorab, Kosar in Astaneh Ashrafiyeh, Amini in Langarud, Shahid Ansari in Rudsar, and therapeutic educational centers like Poursina, Razi, Amirolmomenin, Shafa, and Velayat in Rasht.


     During the 90 years history of clinical psychology in the world, Iran has a history of 30 years. The first lesson of this major of psychology was taught in the psychology group of Tehran University in 1344. The first book called clinical psychology was compiled by Saeed Shamlo and published by the Tehran University in 1345. The first psychological clinic entitled guidance and consultation center was established in Tehran University in 1346. Clinical psychology major was basically recognized in the early 1350 (S.H.) and a program was created called M.A. in clinical psychology in the psychiatry group of medical college of Tehran University located in Rozbeh hospital.

     The creation and development of clinical psychology in Iran are indebted to the efforts of great professors like Dr. Saeed Shamlo, Dr. Mahmoud Mansor, and Dr. Pariroukh Dadsetan. Since 1381, Iranian clinical psychology scientific association was established by a group of specialists. The duties of clinical psychology are varied and it depends on the institute where a psychologist works and also the type of educational and practical instruction that he/she has had. For example, the duties of a clinical psychologist in a mental hospital are to recognize the disease through testing, or treat mental problems, or do researches, and train some people. Clinical psychologist may do his/her duties in schools, children consultation centers, prisons, hospitals, universities, nurseries, kindergartens, Labor Ministry, factories, and other types of institutes.

     There are four types of clinical psychology: a group who cooperates with psychotherapists and psychoanalysts for treating disease and pays attention to the nature of disease and the way of treating a specific person. The second group is the psychologists who spend their time to measure the characteristics of individuals through psychological tests. The third group does the activities of groups one and two similarly; that is, it deals with the recognition and remedy. Clinical psychologists use different methods for recognizing disorders. The observation of patient behavior, clinical interview, mental tests, and the study of individual history are among these methods. The last group is the psychologists who are interested in investigating and testing the characteristics of mental patients and try to find the causes, symptoms, and the way of remedy experimentally.

     In 1389, the clinical psychology group of Lahijan Islamic Azad University employed four faculty members and admitted nearly 550 students in B.A. and M.A. Lahijan Islamic Azad University is among the universities that plays a significant role in the clinical psychology field. The activities of this group involve teaching clinical and psychological information to students, psychological evaluation, and the recognition of mental disorders and problems of students and their families in university consultation center, doing the psychological trials and remedies (involving kinds of group and individual remedies for mental disorders and psychological problems) in this center, introducing the necessary psychological information and holding the educational workshops in the fields of life skills, mental health, skills of anger control, and consultation before marriage for students and even for the institutions and organizations out of the university.

Independent Groups of Islamic Azad University of Lahijan Branch

     Law major is one of the most popular majors for the volunteers of humanities department. The scope of law major field is widespread and is considerable in all of the today’s life relationships. These relationships can be a link between government and people or the issues related to civil rights such as properties, ownership, contracts, responsibilities that people can have when committing mistakes like responsibilities due to events, the rules of heritage, testament, birth, persons’ residence, and other cases. Now this department has nine full-time faculty members (six Assistant Professors and three lecturers). The majors of this group are as follows:

  1. A in Law – M.A in Criminal Law and Criminology – Ph.D. in Criminal Justice and Criminology – Continuous B.A. in Jurisprudence and Principles of Law) – M.A. in Jurisprudence and Principles of Law


     Economic development in the world and the speed of technology advances in services and production markets show the necessity of more attention to the information systems for providing decision making sources. The increasing need of institutions and organizations to the true and new information for using in decision making is an unavoidable matter. Therefore, management information system is the basic source of providing information. Accounting information systems as the most important subdivision of this system give various financial information to the users of these information particularly to the managers of each organization and beneficiaries. Today’s business in modern industrial economies needs to the finished product of this system for stability and interaction with the competitive environment.

     One of the most important objectives of this university is to train graduates who take responsibility and play important roles in this field both theoretically and practically. Accounting department of this university has five full-time faculty members and Ph.D. students in accounting in four degrees called Associate of Arts in accounting, non-continuous B.A. in accounting, and continuous B.A. in accounting. These members have responsibility for training those who are interested in accounting.

Architecture Engineering

     The major of architecture engineering started its activity from the second half of the year 1389 with admitting 180 students in non-continuous B.A. in architecture and was successful in establishing B.A. at the Islamic Azad University of Guilan Province in the first half of the year 1390 through admitting 152 students as the sole higher education unit. It has now 500 students in B.A. and M.A. degrees and is going to continue its educational development in the future. This department has now specialized faculty members such as Dr. Rowshan, Dr, PourAli, Dr. Yousefpour, Dr. Alirezaee, and Dr. Delshad. It admits students in both B.A. and M.A. degrees in architecture major. The existence of suitable educational environments and the organization of student trips relevant to the lessons have had an important role in promoting the scientific level of students.

Group of Islamic Education

     Group of Islamic Education at the Islamic Azad University introduces basic lessons of Islamic Education in all majors of university. It has five full-time faculty members (one doctor, three Ph.D. students, and one lecturer) and uses some visiting professors who have approval of the missionaries and professors office affairs of representative institution of honorable leadership headquarters at universities.

Physical Training and Sports Science

     Physical training department of Lahijan University involves continuous A.A, non-continuous A.A, continuous B.A. degrees, sports planning and management, and B.A. in sports humanities. Nearly 300 students are studying in this major. This educational department has seven full-time faculty members and suitable sports spaces such as large multipurpose hall (volleyball, football, handball, and basketball), gymnastics and wrestling hall, a separate volleyball hall, body-building hall equipped with excellent and suitable equipment, lawn with equipment according to the sports federation standards for football, athletics, throws, and educational classes.

English Language Translation

     This major was established in 1372 and has a well-equipped and audiovisual language lab with a capacity of 25 students. This group has 111 students in English Translation in B.A. degree. Eleven full-time faculty members are teaching in this major. Two of them are Assistant Professors (Ms. Faroukh and Mr. Pourhosein Gilakjani), one is the graduate of Ph.D. degree in English Language Literature (Mr. Montasheri), four are studying in English Language Teaching (ELT) major in Ph.D. degree (Ms. Rezaee, Mr. Khazaee, Mrs. Sheikhi, and Mr. Jalilnezhad), two are M.A. in ELT (Mrs. Ghanbari and Mrs. Ghalajian), one is M.A. in English Language Literature (Ms. Sheikh), and the last one is M.A. in French Language (Mrs. Alizadeh). Non-continuous B.A. majors of teacher training are as follows:

  1. English Language Teaching
  2. Math education
  3. Experimental science education
  4. Arabic and religious education
  5. Primary education
  6. Depiction of Persian Language and Literature